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Kickin’ Ass And Smokin’ Grass With Coach Charm Of Stoned N’ Toned 

Workouts include the “roll up, warm up,” “hotbox boxing,” high yoga stretching, and “roll up and roll out”

The future of weed in the weightroom, as well as indica cardio, canna calisthenics, reefer in the ring, and bongs around the octagon are still developing as the world slowly becomes less square.

In Greater Boston, Coach CJ “Charm” Logan is leading the crop of THC-friendly personal trainers.

Logan, 30, is a former Division I cornerback at Villanova who holds a black belt in Kenpo karate. He also operates a popup exercise and training course called Stoned N’ Toned Fitness, a reefer-friendly regimen that teaches people how to stick and move while enjoying that sticky icky, all along with proper pain and injury management techniques that involve marijuana.

“Playing contact sports year round from age six to 23, I felt my body being in pain more often than not,” Logan said. “Although it has not been scientifically proven to enhance physical performance, marijuana use before or during physical activities has increased endorphins and lowered heart rate for some athletes.”

We asked coach Charm about his full-body workouts and elevated gifts.

Where are you from? Where are you living these days? And how old are you? 

I’m 30-years-old, currently living in Watertown. Originally from Bay Minette, Alabama.

When did you first spark the idea for this program? 

Fall and Winter of 2023

Who is the target demographic/clientele?

Active young adults between ages 21 and 35, and housewives ages 35 to 50.

What are the day to day realities of running Stoned N’ Toned without a brick and mortar facility?

As of now, I’m a popup-gym operation. I’m saving up to get my own permanent gym and office space. Until then, I’ll be training individuals at their private homes year round, and group and individual classes outdoors in the spring and summer time. As well promo classes at venues like the Diaspora in Harvard Square, [where you can] consume cannabis within the establishment.

Smoking is banned in Massachusetts workplaces, restaurants, and bars. How do you go about including cannabis with exercise if the client can’t smoke in the facilities?

Stoned N’ Toned Fitness does not sell cannabis to its clients but offers elevated gifts with all its fitness packages. Also, we strictly operate within the confines of private homes or at businesses that [can legally have] cannabis consumption within the establishment.

There’s still the bogus association with weed and laziness, when in fact offering a cannabis-infused program might be an incentive for folks who might not be a gym rat. How athletically experienced are your clients?

They vary. Regiments aren’t too demanding, and I tell all clients to go at their own pace—regarding weed consumption and the physical activities themselves. My classes consist of high yoga, plyometrics training, balance/mobility drills, and core training. Cause, really, who doesn’t want abs? 

Workouts consist of the following: roll up, warm up; hotbox boxing; full body high-intensity workout; high yoga stretch; roll up and roll out.

But you maintain that smoking a joint can help reduce unwarranted judgment. What should a total newcomer expect from your program?

Everyone is different and has different levels of social anxiety. Especially when cannabis consumption is involved. Some people get paranoid [from] weed and some people mellow out. Some people don’t mind training in public areas and others may thrive in it.

So again, I tell all clients to book private sessions if they prefer privacy. And I tell clients who aren’t heavy or everyday smokers to start slow or not at all when it comes to consuming their elevated gifts. Nobody is forced to smoke in order to complete a workout. Making sure clients are comfortable and enjoy their experience is crucial to the success of Stoned N’ Toned.

Do you have specific strains/products that you recommend, or do you leave cannabis consumption up to the client?

As of now, I have my own sativa strain preroll. Also, I’m looking into sativa strain edibles to keep energy up during class.

Cannabis and exercise are commonplace substitutes for alcohol/narcotics addiction. It’s also a non-addictive/life ruining alternative to opioids/painkillers. Does your program lend itself to physical therapy/injury recovery/addiction treatment?

As a former addict myself, I’ll always offer a helping hand to any addicts in need. Once more established, I want to partner with local recovery groups with health and wellness requirements for their out patients.

Plug the music career … 

I go by Charm aka Boi Charm on Apple Music/itunes. The last project I dropped was High N’ Holy back in Fall 2023 streaming on all platforms. As well as my debut album, Killem Wit Charm, in July 2023. As of now, I’m just in the lab working on content and my third EP, which I plan on dropping either late 2024 or early 2025. Until then, I’ll drop some singles and teaser stuff, but the wait will be well worth it and definitely tied in with my promotion of Stoned N’ Toned Fitness.