Pot Shots: Central Square Dispensaries Host Joint 4/20 Bash

Plus a new Cheech & Chong mural in Cambridge’s Graffiti Alley

The Central Square Business Improvement District isn’t your typical BID. As one example of the Cambridge small biz-booster setting itself apart from the pack, yesterday they pulled together several businesses including the area’s three dispensaries—Yamba Market, Rev Clinics, and Western Front—for an all-day 4/20 affair featuring music from DJs Frank White and Bake Joynton plus deals, vendors, and live painting.

The party went for hours as Brand Rockwell and Raodee threw up a new Cheech & Chong 4/20 mural in graffiti alley, and it was great to see the shops filled all throughout the afternoon. The day also marked the one-year anniversary of Yamba, which threw a massive block party with Doug E. Fresh the year before. If this is shaping up to be a new tradition, it is definitely one that we’ll be back for.