Pumpkin Spice, Apple Fritter, and Other Fall Cannabis Flavors To Savor

Sweet candy bites and other standout seasonal products sure to turn any ordinary family dinner into a party

There comes a time in every legal canna market when heads must decide whether to embrace fall products or reject them with disdain, as beer nerds tend to do when pumpkin-spice kegs get tapped every late-September.

It almost seems too obvious to do the latter, too hipster a move, too pointless. Why would we write off items so delicious that we can’t stop reaching for them? After all, we’re talking about delights like chocolate, not brew. Candy is supposed to be sweet, and even Thanksgiving dinner has pie, cider, and cranberry sauce; all things considered, we figured we’d go all out, gorge ourselves silly on the stuff.

The following is a team-curated but nevertheless arbitrary compendium of sweet as well as savory cannabis products that we have recently enjoyed (unless otherwise noted) and which we felt spoke to autumnal senses. Our idea was to comprise a list of suggestions for everything that you might want to bring to a Halloween, leaf-watching, or Thanksgiving affair if you want to impress.

Recommendations below. Please remember to consume with care.


As informal as we tend to keep things, it’s only right to bring some flower to your host. Just like mom would do.

And we’re not about to be caught slipping on the fall theme when it comes to the actual leaf we’ll be smoking out back with the other cool cousins. Pumpkin cartridges and pie-flavored edibles are great, but there’s no reason that our joints and bowls can’t also dress for the occasion.

For obvious reasons, we’re reaching for Ayr’s RoadTripper Apple Fritter. We’ve yet to try it but they’re billing this drop as an “evenly-balanced hybrid” with “a super-sweet fruity apple flavor with a lightly cakey vanilla exhale that’s just like a delicious fresh-baked apple fritter.” 

For the more advanced set seeking seasonally-appropriate dabs, Ayr also has an Apple Fritter Live Rosin via their Origyn brand, a cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies fit for proper pre-or post game action.


By now, you probably already know about the Fernway Pumpkin Spice Traveler vape. Everybody and their grandpa seems to have one in their pocket (and wants to tell you all about it). In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if pops really did show up to brunch with one of these nifty handles (read more about Fernway’s disposable recycling program here). They’re limited edition, but the clean and subtle bite is utterly spectacular and will undoubtedly return next year as something people heavily anticipate. I’m literally stockpiling five of the .7 gram ones (they’re also available in a .3 gram package).

If you’re the type who reaches for the candy dish before the hors d’oeuvres, you might ant to lean into the Sour Diesel vape cart from Honey, whose lab was aiming for a mix of “Sour Patch Kids, Warheads Extreme Sour Candy, and Sour Skittles” with this one. Let’s face it, you’re safe with Sour D at any time of year; plus, as a potential bonus depending on your costume, these cartridges look just like silver bullet shells and may come in handy as a prop.

Before the main course arrives, we’re also melting Betty’s Eddies ElderBetty edibles on the tips of our tongues. These fruity organic delights could also go well with dessert, but they’re fast-acting so we figured it’s best to indulge sooner than later.


Speaking of fast-acting … 

For drinks, you’re really in luck. Year-round, the leading brands in Mass have been delivering styles that could pair well with a fall party, and now that several are going out of their way to cater to autumn enthusiasts, the prospects are even tastier.

No matter what dispensary you hit, you’ll probably come across the new infused cans of Spiced Apple seltzer by Endless Coast. We haven’t sampled it yet since it won’t be in dispensaries until Nov. 2, but we did gush over their whole line not too long ago, and are awaiting their latest promising “crisp apple taste” and “a hint of spice.”

Meanwhile, Levia went to town on their Blueberry Cobbler, from the throwback dark pop-art design to the outstanding berry bubbles on the inside. “The limited-run seltzer features original artwork from Dean McKeever, a local Mass illustrator specializing in craft beverage can design.” Keever “chose deep blues and purples to portray the haunted season that comes with the new flavor while tapping into the bright elements of fall using vibrant pinks and oranges around the witch.”

Levia’s limited number is only avail through the end of October or while supplies last, which won’t be long, so act soon. No luck? No problem; just as reliable is CQ, which has a Blackberry Lemon Lime available at all times. With this one they went for “fizzy and lightly tart, with bold, round notes of blackberry.”


Thankfully this isn’t a competition, because we wouldn’t be able to choose between the Pumpkin Pie-flavored Meltdown chocolate bars by Nova Farms or the Pumpkin Pie Bar from Garden Remedies. This is far from an exhaustive list, and there are certainly a patch of other brands with comparable sweet pumpkin treats out, but honestly we have our hands full with the latter’s graham cracker and Callebaut white chocolate goodness. Once we get our hands on Nova’s, which we assume is as delicious if not better than their Key Lime Meltdown, we won’t be getting off the couch.

And finally, here’s the treat that will put you over the top and have family and friends talking for weeks if they remember anything at all. No matter how much you ate and drank, trust us, you have room to drop some Double Baked chocolates from Northeast Alternatives in your mouth for an encore. If you’re sticking with the heavy fall theme, perhaps go with the blueberry-cheesecake graham-cracker pucks. No matter which one you pick though, a few of these will ice your autumn cake and then some.


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