Rave Review: The ConNectar 510 Electric Dab Straw Is Simple Perfection

A precision device that’s capable of salvage-melting residue off old pokers and jars

Are you the type of person who has amassed a sizable pile of empty containers where concentrates used to exist, with nothing left but sweet traces of terps and memories from when they were all full? 

Maybe you’re like my pal Rudy, who has a Poland Spring jug in the corner of his smoking room that’s nearly full of vacant jelly jars. If you’re that hardcore or if you just have a few sticky old cans of badder-like substances laying around, I have discovered something that will change your smoking life.

This magic tool of which I speak is also ideal for stoners who have a graveyard full of rigs and accessories, from cracked bangers to uncalibrated e-nails. Dab enthusiasts behold the ConNectar 510 Electric Dab Straw … 

If it sounds like I am their new pitch man, it’s because this device which costs a mere twenty bucks is pulling more weight than any number of other gadgets I have collecting dust on my desk. It’s extremely efficient, portable, and relatively safe for a hobby that in some cases involves blow torches. You won’t need an open flame for the ConNectar, since it’s “made to fit any 510 threaded button battery,” which you’re basically “turning it into a nectar collector,” as the manufacturer Stache Products puts it.

Stache is now putting out limited editions of the ConNectar that retail on their site for more than $20

They also note that it is not compatible with auto-draw batteries that you pull without having to push a button, and that the accessory pairs best with a slim battery (we’ve been using one from an old YoCan handheld). You’ll have to purchase the 510 separately if you don’t already have one in your drawer, since the ConNectar just comes with the base attached to a mouthpiece, straw, coil, and ceramic tip, plus a convenient cap to shield your bag or pocket from stickiness between sessions. 

If there’s any downside, it’s that the optics aren’t optimal. Frankly, it looks like you’re freebasing. So if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want people in their community to see them in that light, you’ll probably want to keep the ConNectar for home use. It’s a brilliant tubular companion that works better than rigs which cost several hundred dollars, but while those mostly look like bongs from outer space, this looks more like something out of New Jack City.

Regarding the play-by-play of how we have been putting it to good use … While you could feasibly heat up your battery and stick the straw tip directly into a can of sauce, shatter, diamonds, or hard or gooey dab of any kind, we’ve been spooning out one small taste at a time, placing that in its own empty glass gram jar, and hitting it in isolation so as to not accidentally suck up the whole stash. The ConNectar is a precision device, capable of salvage-melting residue off old picks, pokers, and containers and turning your trash stash into thick clouds. 

Put that way, this thing will basically make you money, or at least save you a few dollars and dabs down the line.