Strain Review: G13 Hash Plant From Cultivate In Leicester


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First of all, you’re going to adore the canisters.


The eighth of G13 Hash Plant we bought at the ballyhooed dispensary in Leicester came inside a plastic jar no taller than a shot glass with a rubber seal to keep things fresh. Unlike an annoying pill bottle with too narrow a neck to fit your fingers, these are wide enough to dig into and pinch away. Which you’ll be doing every time you run into a friend you want to hook up with a taste of your first batch of legal Massachusetts weed.


All they had for sale when we showed up was flower, so we decided on some Durban Poison, always a sweet aromatic indica including in this case, as well as the aforementioned Hash Plant. The wait was only a little over an hour—we showed up at around 2pm last Thursday, and we were back in the car and driving to Boston by a quarter after three. Once home, we cleaned the resin out of one of our most trusty tasting pipes, and were blazing bowls and joints by 4:20 (we swear it was an innocent corny coincidence, but the timing nonetheless felt like a divine sign of some kind).


For prime smoking condition you will want to grind your Hash Plant down to a consistency between freeze-dried oregano and powder. That’s especially if you’re using a pipe or bong, which is true for most strains, but this stuff is somehow perfectly moist and dry enough to roll up at the same time; while we don’t recommend it, you could probably get Hash Plant burning evenly using a soda can.


Though it wasn’t listed on Cultivate’s online menu, at 19.6 percent THC the G13 Hash Plant comes in among the shop’s most potent picks. Compared to those which they have listed, only the Jamie Lee is higher, clocking in at an intimidating 22.7 percent THC. In my experience the past few years—going back and forth between legal rec spots in Oregon, medical dispensaries in Mass, farms in Maine, and various black market sources—We’ve found that such outstanding stoner boner toner is more likely to come out of the professional precision grows, be they legal or illegal.


These nugs are in that exalted category. As Hash Plant connoisseurs have come to expect, spinoff strains tend to be hybrid gold; Cultivate’s is no exception, seemingly as ideal for ailments of the anxiety variety as it is for straight hanging on a weekend afternoon. Why the weekend? Because this stuff is what those of us who have been twisting kind buds for some time used to refer to as a creeper weed. You may be able to retain your wits for a few minutes, perhaps even a half-hour. After that, if you keep on hitting it, you’re sure to feel the boomerang. It’s benevolent enough, but not exactly a good choice if you’re working retail or entering socially demanding situations.


Finally, there’s something else that’s special about the riff on the beloved hash strain that Cultivate is serving—it smells delicious. Not to your friends or roommates who hate the way all pot smoke reeks; they’ll probably hate it. But for the kind of diehards who since voters pulled for legal weed stopped even trying to cover their scent with breath mints and perfume, this Hash Plant leaves a little something extra in the nostrils. Super dorks might call it an Afghani scent, but to us it smells like coffee sweetened with a hint of hash.


On second thought, considering that anyone can simply walk into a store and buy some for themselves, you might also say it smells a lot like freedom.

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