Vaping Giant Bags Of Nature’s Heritage Strains On The Sidewalk

Stuffing the old Volcano with Double Tangie Banana, Grape Diamonds, and Mimosa

I was out on Boylston Street in Boston a few weeks ago during the New England Cannabis Convention when I noticed a couple of lads toting a small power source. Not the kind of pocket brick you might use to charge up a smartphone, but rather a small generator.

The interesting part though came with what was hooked up to that portable outlet—a sweet old-fashioned Volcano vaporizer, a device that at one point more than a decade ago only your wealthiest stoner friends owned. Also I think that a lot of senior citizens must have had them because every time they had a news segment on cable television about “medical marijuana” they used the broll of grandma gorging on a giant bag of vape, but I digress …

So these two American heroes were right there in public on one of the most storied thoroughfares in the US with mobile voltage powering a cone-shaped machine that turns nugs into clouds. It actually brought tears to my eyes, that’s how beautiful it was. I could relive the moment for several paragraphs, but the whole point of mentioning it was to get to the strain they were vaping …

Because when someone takes the time to haul their own electricity around town, it’s unlikely they would then load their device with garbage. Lo and behold, this one was stuffed with none other than Grape Diamonds from Nature’s Heritage. I hit a bag of it and understood exactly why—the terpenes jumped right down my throat and into my pants to tickle my ass before leaving an aftertaste. It summoned sweet summer memories of drinking Formula 50 Vitamin Water that I miss dearly. The experience got me thinking, and wanting more of that full-throated flavor … 

Mimosa by Nature’s Heritage

When I got home, I dusted off my own vintage Volcano, and over the following few weeks broke out more eighths from Nature’s Heritage that I had on hand—Double Tangie Banana, for starters, which set me in a fruit canoe into terpene terrains that are impossible to find with joints or even bowls. A fat bag of this juicy hybrid set me up nicely for gulps of their exceptionally mighty Mimosa, which has an unmistakable blood orange backdrop (it comes from crossing Purple Punch x Clementine) fronted by bright mellow, sporadically peppery punches. It’s no wonder that Nature’s Heritage commissioned a whole illustration for this release.

In summary, if you or someone you know has an old vape sitting around, I recommend having a party and firing it up. Flower of this caliber was made to be inhaled from a bag, or at least vaped in some fashion so as to appreciate the distinct dashes.

On the other hand, if you simply want to sample some of the brilliant aforementioned batches, Nature’s Heritage is offering “Fresh Flights” of “pre-rolled cannabis featuring four strains with varying aromas, flavors and experiences to enjoy” for 4/20. 

Volcano or not, take the plunge.